July 5, 2010


sometimes being happy, just isnt enough
sometimes wishing for the best, may not be enough
sometimes hoping for the best, may never work out
sometimes its better not to be happy, wish or to hope

May 7, 2010

Wrong Way

Do you ever feel like you dont know what your doing? Where you are going in life? Where you are headed next? Who makes the decisions in your life? Who is there to tell you what is right and wrong?

In the end, its all up to you, you have to learn from your mistakes. You must first make your mistake and learn from them, but what happens when those mistakes you make are mistakes that you can never take back and will haunt you for the rest of your life. Who then, is there to tell you that everything will be okay?

There are signs in life that tells you where you are able to turn and where you are not allowed to turn, no left turns, no right turns, no u-turns, shame there arent any signs to tell me where im headed.
Until next time,
A Friend of Peter

April 18, 2010


Friends are people who you can depend on, no matter what the situation is, you expect them to have your back. Whether if you feel down, happy or in need of help. Friends are there no matter what, to either give you a helping hand or a printer.

Nearly 5 hours with her and it only felt like 1. In a matter of 5 hours, i was able to do something that i would NEVER do again.... accounting. Though yet enjoyable, knowing that i was helping her, funny at the same time to see her stressed out. We were determined to finish everything off, even those things didn’t go 100% according to plan, there’s always the excuse of 'oh, I didn’t realise that it was set in June'.

It made me realise something about myself, I’m such a perfectionist. In this case, all it was was toying around with word document, but everything needed to be perfect and i mean everything. It was good to know that no matter we could be doing, either if its waiting for something to download or doing our readings, we are able to sit next to each other and not have to say a single word, yet knowing that in a way, were communicating.

I love our laughs and time together, knowing that in the future, the sound of our laughter will only get louder and louder and that we'll have so many memories that we would need a memory pot thingo like Dumbledore. Its hard to imagine my life without her now, 12 years.... 12 long years, but here we are now, even closer than before.

I love you Ngan.

Until next time,
A Friend of Peter

April 17, 2010


Time doesn't stop for anyone.

If you are having the time for your life, with friends and loved ones, no one is there to pause time for you, pause the memories, nor pause the moments. No one is there for you to help you when you made a bad decision in life, you just have to get up and keep living life as it is, seeing that time will not turn back.

Be prepare, time will only continue, no matter how many times we wished that time could pause or rewind, we are indeed just kidding ourselves. All the love or pain and suffering will continue as they do now. Some times you wish you could forward time, to see what the future lies ahead, sometimes we dream of the future and what our life will become, who will be apart of it and who wont, we try to change our lives now in order for us to have the life we always dreamed of, but that never happens cus times a bitch.

Every move we make, it changes the future, every words said, it changes the future, every phone call or text message, it changes the future, every tear shed, it changes the future.

Until next time,
A Friend of Peter

April 15, 2010

I'd never want to see you unhappy
I thought you'd want the same for me
- A Fine Frenzy
Until next time,
A Friend of Peter


Every day we are faced with choices and not know what to choose, some choices are harder than others, but it comes down to two things that matter, what do you choose?
black or white
jeans or tights
tram or train
straightened or curled
japanese or korean
heels or flats
pillow or blanket
laptop or computer
pen or pencil
strawberry or banana
fish or meat
roses or orchids
love or hate
candles or light
right or wrong
me or them
How do you know your making the right one. Are you willing to take a chance on one and not the other?
Until next time,
A Friend of Peter

April 13, 2010

Lust or Love

You turn your head around only to see the most beautiful person you have ever met. You take one glance at them, and they have you gasping for air.... and I'm gona cut the bullcrap.
Don't you just hate it when you see people who have gone out for a day and have declared their love for one another. One day, that isnt even enough time to watch a season of Gossip Girl. Love is not a word that you can just throw around. If you say this to every person have made your heart flutter, how many 'i love you' would that be exactly?
How do you define between love and lust, wanting something just for the sake of it. Thinking that your madly in love with someone when in reality, you break up with them because your 'in love' with someone else. This to me is ludacris. Maybe there needs to be more lust in the world, that way, when a word like 'love' is said, its true and meaningful and hopefully only said to one person.
Love, four letter word, stabbing pain in the heart, a river of tears, making love.
Lust, four letter word, no pain involved, no tears shed, just plain good sex.
Until next time,
A Friend of Peter